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Close to one half of the flow of all money in Western democracies is funnelled through systems of taxation by various levels of government. Commercial, estate and family matters often involve issues related to taxation. Such issues are of particular importance in cross-border matters involving Canada and German-speaking countries, and are compounded by further layers of difficulty arising from two different languages and legal systems. To proceed without guidance from a trained lawyer could lead to financial loss and, more, to punishment by the tax authority in question.

In relation to transactions involving cross-border considerations, our English- and German-speaking lawyers and professional staff are ready to address a range of issues, including providing advice on international trade benefits, detecting risks through compliance analysis and defending the interests of our clients in tax-related litigation.

Many of these tax-related matters are regulated by tax treaties that have been concluded between Canada and Germany, Austria and Switzerland:

The international treaties form the bedrock of our cross-border tax practice: all such tax issues are to be determined first by these treaties, and only after their applicability is exhausted, by the domestic law of any two countries in question.

Our firm serves as a bridge anchored in both Canada and German-speaking Europe. Tax experts specialized in various areas may abound in one country or the other, but they all too often have insufficient skills to reach outside their respective countries, as is required in this age of increasing globalization. We speak the language of the legal tax communities on both sides of the Atlantic; our expertise is in providing the linguistic and legal professional link between the separate, sovereign jurisdictions in question.

Polten & Associates is experienced in the areas of tax litigation, and in advising on the legal aspects of tax transactions. Polten & Associates provides tax advisory services to domestic and international clients in the areas of income tax and sales tax, including domestic and international transactions.

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