Bridging The Legal Gap Between Canadians And The World

Polten & Associates, Lawyers and Notaries, is a gateway boutique law firm that provides solid legal advice on local matters and cases involving foreign parties.

We understand that the legal profession is highly dependant on precise wording. Meanings can be misinterpreted when other languages, jurisdictions and legal systems factor in.

Located in Toronto, Ontario, we offer legal services to Canadian clients in various areas of law. In addition, we possess the necessary knowledge and experience to assist clients who have a connection to Germany, and German clients who have a connection to Canada.

Professional-Level Bilingualism

Polten & Associates boasts three fluently bilingual legal professionals. Lawyer Eric P. Polten and his team can accurately translate legal concepts and documents between English and German.

Intended meanings can be lost in translation by someone not competent in both languages or familiar with both legal systems.

We have 25 years of experience navigating our clients through the law at all levels within Canada, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, United States and the European Union.

Service Clients Can Count On

With many law firms promising excellent customer service, we want you to know what that promise means to us. We provide clients with customer service they can depend on. This means we:

  • Respond quickly to questions and concerns
  • Offer cost-effective services
  • Patiently explain how different laws impact you
  • Offer effective, customized and proactive solutions to legal matters

We use this approach in every case we handle. We are not intimidated by any legal situation, no matter how complex or challenging the matter might be. We do not back down from adversaries, no matter how powerful your opponent may appear.

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Find Out How We Can Help

Whether it is a family law matter spanning two countries, bringing a foreign business into Canada, or some other legal matter within our expertise, Polten & Associates can help you work through legal obstacles you may encounter.

Call us at 647-724-4175 or toll-free at 866-322-6521 or contact us using our online form and find out how we can help.