Representing Professionals at Board and Tribunal Hearings

Members of many professions and occupational groups are subject to discipline by professional boards and tribunals, including subjection to criminal penalties for misconduct. If you are being investigated for alleged misconduct or have been called to testify before a professional disciplinary board, it is critical that you have an experienced lawyer representing your interests.

At the Toronto law firm of  Polten & Associates, we have wide-ranging experience and expertise in the practice of administrative law. We understand how severe the effects of disciplinary board decisions can be. From suspensions and expulsions to disbarment, the decisions of these boards and tribunals can have repercussions as far-reaching as decisions made by the courts.

Our firm has extensive expertise in handling matters before professional boards and tribunals. We have acted for disciplinary authorities, such as those which regulate police officers, and for individual persons facing discipline, such as lawyers. In each case, we have worked tirelessly to protect our client's rights and reputation.

Our experience in handling disciplinary appeals against respected academic institutions is also substantial.

Protect Your Interests

To speak with an informed lawyer about protecting your interests in a matter concerning professional discipline, call us from the Toronto area at 647-724-4175 or from elsewhere toll free at 1-866-322-6521.