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Contracts form the bedrock of a business relationship. It is imperative, therefore, that the terms of each contract be enforceable both domestically and internationally. If you are involved in a contract dispute, you can rely on the skilled lawyers at the Toronto law firm of  Polten & Associates to work vigorously toward securing a timely and cost-effective solution that optimizes your best interests.

Our lawyers understand the importance of financial stability to businesses and private individuals, so we are especially attentive to containing costs in business and contract disputes. We advocate alternative dispute resolution strategies, such as mediation and arbitration, so that parties have an opportunity to resolve their differences without incurring the burden of costly litigation. However, when litigation proves necessary, we fight relentlessly to secure our clients' best interests.

Cross-Border Business and Contract Litigation

Our firm possesses the necessary experience, skills and resources to handle cases which involve the Canadian legal system and which have factual and/or legal connection to Germany. Our lawyers are fluent in English and German at a professional level, while our legal and administrative assistants are native speakers of German as well as graduates in the field of law from German universities. In addition, we have access to a network of lawyers and legal practitioners in Canada and Germany, including over 200 notaries, lawyers and judges located throughout Germany.

The founding lawyer of our firm, Eric P. Polten, has supervised the writing of the following articles on or related to business and contract disputes:

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