Addressing Your Concerns About Employment Law

Whether you are an employer or employee, understanding the terms of your working relationship is vital in protecting your interests. How each role interprets clauses on such matters as sick leave, vacation time or termination is important in resolving employment law disputes.

At Polten & Associates, Lawyers and Notaries, we can help you understand the legality of your dispute and analyze the facts of your case. Located in Toronto, Ontario, we use our 25 years of legal experience to quickly and cost-effectively resolve your case.

Navigating Employment Termination

As an employer, if you are not sure how to properly dismiss an employee or terminate a contract, you could be placing your business in a risky position. Canadian employment legislation is carefully detailed and failure to abide by these laws could result in liability and cost your company thousands of dollars.

If you are an employee, it's in your best interest to find correct answers to any questions you have regarding your dismissal or termination. Our firm will help you understand the legalities involved in dismissals and terminations and the legal strategy that best suits your situation.

Crossing Borders And Language Barriers

If you are an employer and would like to bring your business from Germany into Canada or vice versa, we can help you make the transition. Our firm can provide assistance on setting up your business and meeting federal and provincial employment standards and laws.

Also, in the event of an employment dispute that has a legal connection to Germany or other German-speaking nations such as Austria and Switzerland, we can help you translate the law. We will advise you on what the laws mean and how the laws apply to you.

Our lawyers can alleviate the stress of understanding how to comply with Canadian employment standards and laws. Our experience allows us to clearly isolate and resolve any legal problems you may face.

Seek Legal Guidance For Your Employment Law Matter

If you have a question about employment law, it is wise to ask us before you sign or agree to anything. We can help you understand the complex legislation around employment law, both in Canada and within German-speaking nations.

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