German-English Legal Translation and Notarization

Polten & Associates - German-English Legal  Translation Services in Toronto

When institutions, business enterprises and private individuals need to conduct cross-border business or attend to legal matters involving German or English translation, it is crucial that they have a reliable source for obtaining accurate translations in a convenient, timely, efficient and cost-effective manner.

At the Toronto law firm of Polten & Associates, we offer German to English and English to German translation of legal and business documents for our clients in Canada and German-speaking Europe, including Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Our lawyers are fluent in both English and German and are supported by legal and administrative assistants who are native speakers of German, which allows us to provide cost-effective, efficient and timely legal translation services to our clients in Canada and Europe. Because we are professionally fluent in English and German, we are able to provide more accurate translation of legal documents than translation bureaus that charge by the word and are not obliged to incorporate legal expertise into the final product.

Whether you have received a judgment in German and need to present a response thereto in a Canadian court or vice versa, or need any other legal document originating in one system to be accurately mirrored in the other, you can rely on our firm to provide a legally precise translation.

Our background of experience is especially valuable to our clients when we handle matters for which fluency at a professional level in English and German, in combination with an understanding of both legal systems, is an advantage. Effective translation of legal documents not only requires command of the legal vocabulary of both languages, but also knowledge of the respective contexts of the two differing cultures and legal frameworks, as well as the differing mind-sets of their respective officials.

In a discipline so dependent on words, intended meanings are often lost in translation by those not sufficiently competent in both languages and/or not sufficiently acquainted with both legal systems. Such blunders of communication can have serious repercussions for the legal results ultimately achieved.

Our services are enhanced by the advanced German language skills of our legal and administrative assistants who are not only native speakers of German and graduates of German universities, but also bring substantial experience acquired while working within the legal system in Germany to bear on translation tasks. Furthermore, we can rely on a network of former law students and lawyers to assist with large and/or urgent translation assignments.

Our legal services also encompass the notarization of certain classes of documents, in order to give them credit and authenticity in foreign jurisdictions. We also take acknowledgments of deeds and other conveyances, and certify the same.

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