Determining And Enforcing Child Support Requirements

Child support recognizes the rights of children to receive financial support from both parents. Answers to questions on calculating support amounts and enforcing payments differ from case to case depending on the circumstances.

Polten & Associates, Lawyers and Notaries, has over 25 years of experience serving clients in Toronto, Ontario, and internationally in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. We advise clients on child support in both local cases and those involving international laws.

We fight to ensure that in every case, the child's best interests always come first.

Preventative Legal Counsel

The exact details of child support requirements are not always apparent in each case. Provisions for special expenses, amending support payments and when payments should end can all be challenged. Solving these disputes requires careful examination of the support order.

At Polten & Associates, we pride ourselves on providing preventative legal counsel to our clients. As we negotiate support orders, we can identify areas that could be contested and provide you with options to reduce that possibility. Our goal is to make sure the best interests of children are paramount, and to minimize any risks that might inhibit your ability to provide for them.

Our Network Of International Resources

If one parent moves to another country or if foreign laws complicate matters, your lawyer needs to effectively navigate multiple legal systems for your benefit. Polten & Associates possesses the necessary background knowledge to resolve child support issues across borders.

When additional cross-border expertise is needed, our firm can call upon our wide network of law firms, organizations and legal professionals across German-speaking Europe to provide support. We can take control of your case and use this support system to consult and complete any final steps internationally.

Get Your Questions Answered

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