Understanding Cohabitation Agreements

It can be difficult to determine your rights to shared property and your support obligations when a non-marital relationship deteriorates. Since cohabiting couples do not enjoy the same rights as married couples, a cohabitation agreement can help provide clear and effective legal solutions.

At Polten & Associates, Lawyers and Notaries, we can help you and your partner draft a cohabitation agreement that fairly outlines your rights after a separation. We can help you decide how to create and optimize provisions that will benefit you and your partner.

Drafting An Effective Cohabitation Agreement

There are many differences between drafting a cohabitation agreement and other domestic contracts. For example, common-law spouses are not automatically entitled to divide the home they lived in. How would a couple divide a property purchased together? What if they shared an additional property together in a foreign country?

Based in Toronto, Ontario, we will help you understand how you can divide your shared assets. We will assist you in drafting an agreement that suits your needs, and in identifying what provisions will not be enforceable. We will also help you understand and draft provisions regarding shared assets in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

A Positive Mindset

At the beginning of a relationship, a couple is typically happy and level-headed enough to clearly and fairly consider the future. In contrast, what the parties consider to be fair after a separation can vary greatly from their ideas at the start of their relationship. This is why drafting an enforceable cohabitation agreement at the outset is advisable.

At Polten & Associates, we strive to make sure the agreed-upon terms of your cohabitation agreement are fair and just, and more importantly, enforceable. We offer you our 25 years of experience working on cohabitation agreements to help you find and rectify any weak provisions that might be challenged in the future.

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