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The division of property in the event of a separation or divorce often goes far beyond traditional assets such as the matrimonial home or cottage. It could include the division of pensions as well as debts and other liabilities. In many cases, the results of a property division agreement or court decision can have dramatic long-term effects on the financial well-being of both parties, particularly when business assets are at stake.

At the Toronto law firm of Polten & Associates, we have a thorough understanding of the broader issues associated with the division of marital assets. Our Toronto property division lawyers represent a variety of clients in these cases, diligently defending their interests and ensuring that they receive their rightful share of assets as parties to any settlement or judgment.

Cross-Border Property Division Representation

In addition to representing clients in the Greater Toronto Area and throughout Ontario, our firm has the experience, expertise and resources necessary to conduct Ontario court actions on behalf of German clients and to arrange the conduct of legal actions on behalf of Ontario residents against persons or corporations in Germany.

Our lawyers are fluent in German and English at a professional level, and our legal and administrative assistants who are native speakers of German and graduates of German universities, bring to their respective roles substantial work experience within the German legal system. In addition, we have ready access to an extensive network of legal professionals in German-speaking Europe - including Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

The founding lawyer of our firm, Eric P. Polten, has supervised the writing of the following articles on or related to the division of property:

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