Understanding Prenuptial Agreements

In Ontario, the legislation outlining your rights following a separation may not be satisfactory to you or your partner. In these increasingly common situations, couples often benefit from having a prenuptial agreement in place. Also known as a marriage contract, this document sets out a couple's own agreed upon rights and obligations to each other should their marriage end.

Polten & Associates, Lawyers and Notaries, has 25 years of experience offering effective legal advice on drafting clear, fair and enforceable prenuptial agreements. If you participate in creating your own terms, you and your partner are more likely to adhere to them upon separation.

Careful Drafting Of Prenuptial Agreements

There is certain legislation that prenuptial agreements cannot override, such as certain rights to the matrimonial home and child custody. Aside from these laws, you and your partner will require solid legal advice to make sure the rest of the agreement is thorough in its provisions.

Based in Toronto, Ontario, we use our extensive experience resolving family law matters to make sure your agreement is enforceable. Certain clauses, such as those pertaining to chastity or withholding financial information, may cause a certain term to be considered invalid.

International And Cultural Considerations

Knowledge of the German legal system and offering services to German-Canadians have given Polten & Associates a solid understanding of German culture. For instance, the importance of family is highly regarded by our lawyers and is always considered in each marriage contract we draft.

We will carefully apply the laws of Ontario and Canada, as well as any international laws that may apply, to property or assets in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. We are fluently bilingual in German and offer translation services and legal advice when drafting a prenuptial agreement that includes foreign assets.

Get Started On Your Prenuptial Agreement Today

It's advisable to draft your marriage contract as early in the relationship as possible. Call Polten & Associates at 647-724-4175 or toll-free at 866-322-6521 for a consultation on creating an effective agreement. You may also request an appointment through email using our online form.