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In addition to triggering a legal and practical change of relationship status, divorce can have a temporary or lasting financial impact. A dependent spouse who currently lacks the wherewithal to gain significant employment may need spousal support while negotiating the transition to his or her new life circumstances following a divorce.

At Polten & Associates, our Toronto spousal support lawyers understand the financial impact a divorce can have on a spouse without the means, income or training to immediately re-enter the workforce. We provide our clients with the information, counsel and representation they need during their separation and divorce process.

Cross-Border Representation From Our Ontario Lawyers

The growing incidence of cross-border issues relating to family law disputes has led to an increasing role for counsel in this practice area. Our lawyers as well as our legal and administrative assistants have unique international, educational and professional backgrounds. This enables us to resolve family law disputes in Ontario on behalf of Ontario residents, to conduct Ontario court actions on behalf of residents of Germany, and to arrange the conduct of legal actions on behalf of Ontario residents against persons in Germany.

The founding lawyer of our firm, Eric P. Polten, supervised the writing of the following article on divorce involving cross-border issues:

The Obligation to Provide Spousal Support

In Ontario, each spouse has the dual obligation to support himself or herself and to provide support to the other spouse in accordance with his or her respective abilities and needs. Pursuant to the Ontario Family Law Act, support payments must be provided by one spouse to the other when circumstances warrant.

When a spouse files for an Order of Support, a broad range of circumstances needs to be examined, including the length of the marriage, any economic disadvantage or hardship faced by either spouse because of the divorce, and the degree to which a support order would promote the self-sufficiency of the spouse seeking support.

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