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Our Lawyers

  • polton

    Our firm's founder, Eric P. Polten, was born in Vienna and raised in Canada. He earned his bachelor's and master's degrees in philosophy from the University of Toronto and studied as a Woodrow Wilson Fellow at Stanford University. He completed his law degree at the University of Toronto, and was admitted to practice in Ontario in 1974. [read more]

  • Walker

    Daniel Walker obtained his LLB from the University of Windsor and was called to the Ontario Bar in June 2013. He brings a wealth of experience to our firm. Prior to law school, he was employed with the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade (DFAIT) in Ottawa as a Senior Policy Advisor. He has extensive knowledge of government operations.[read more]

Our Staff

  • Pyttlik

    Torsten Pyttlik, a native speaker of German, completed his legal studies in Germany and worked as in-house counsel for a public utility company in Dessau, Germany for over 10 years before joining Polten & Associates in 2011.
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We work with a Europe-based network of legal professionals. Built over a period of two decades, our network includes more than 200 notaries, lawyers and judges, who occupy a range of responsible positions throughout Germany. Further, we maintain an ongoing roster of at least two Referendars (German law students), who, having completed about five years of full time university studies in law, are engaged in the final stage of two and a half years of practical training for admission to the legal profession in Germany.

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To speak in English or German to a lawyer or to one of our legal assistants about your legal needs, contact us, or call us from the Toronto area at 647-724-4175 or from elsewhere toll free at 1-866-322-6521.