Torsten Pyttlik

Legal and Administrative Assistant


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Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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Torsten Pyttlik joined our office in 2011. Drawing upon his wide-ranging experience, along with his superior command of the German language, Mr. Pyttlik supports our team in delivering outstanding service to our German-speaking clients.

Mr. Pyttlik was born and grew up in Germany, in the state of Sachsen-Anhalt. In 1995 he passed his first state examination in law at the University of Dresden and in 1997 his second state examination as set by the Ministry of Justice of the state of Sachsen-Anhalt.

From 1998 to 2009, Mr. Pyttlik was the in-house lawyer and head of the legal department of the Dessauer Versorgungs- und Verkehrsgesellschaft mbH, which, as a public utility company of the municipality of Dessau, had approximately 450 employees.

Among Mr. Pyttlik's extensive responsibilities were the provision of legal counsel to the company's administrators and its various subsidiary utilities, which delivered services related to energy, water, sewage, public transit, air traffic, telecommunications and internet. His responsibilities extended to the variously related legal areas and, accordingly, encompassed business and commercial law, real property law, municipal law, planning and construction law, labour and employment law, and some litigation.