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Serving Canadian and German Clients in Ontario and Providing Cross-Jurisdictional Services

Polten & Associates has been handling estate planning, and estate administration and litigation matters in the Greater Toronto Area for more than 20 years. We draft wills, specializing in those with cross-jurisdictional application. We also provide legal support to estate administrators as well as estate trustees and, when necessary, litigate estate disputes arising out of domestic or cross-jurisdictional situations.

Estate Administration Is More Important Than Ever

Much is at stake in matters of succession and inheritance. For individuals, families and their heirs, it is crucially important to have legally sound, comprehensive arrangements in place to address all of the legal issues that arise following the end of a life.

Our bilingual lawyers are tenacious in their commitment to providing the best possible, yet cost-effective, service to our English-speaking and our German-speaking clients on a wide range of wills and estates matters, including:

Cross-Border Estate Administration and Litigation Services

Receiving a notice from Germany, Austria or Switzerland informing you of the death of a loved one can mark the beginning of a confusing, complex and hectic process as you seek to ensure that his or her estate is handled properly and that all legitimate heirs receive their appropriate entitlements.

Together with our network of legal colleagues in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, we can help you protect your rights and ensure your loved one's wishes are correctly implemented, without your having to leave Canada to do so.

Conversely, Germans who receive notice of the death of a loved one in Ontario or other common law province of Canada often need legal representation from a lawyer who has a command of both the German and Canadian legal and cultural contexts of an estate dispute and who is authorized to act on their behalf in Canada.

Sample Cross-Border Estate Case

Our client was engaged in long-term litigation in Ontario. The defendant, a resident of Germany, passed away before the litigation could conclude, thus staying the proceeding until an Ontario trustee could be appointed by the court. In spite of the residence of the defendant's German heirs, and through our firm's persistence in locating a suitable and willing candidate, such an appointment was made, with the effect, that the proceeding then had two Ontario-based parties, our client as plaintiff and the defendant's estate, as represented by an Ontario trustee.

We subsequently obtained a judgement in our client's favour, and the challenge then became one of having that judgement recognized in Germany, where the estate assets of the defendant were located and where the judgement would be enforced. We referred our client to a member of our extensive legal network in Germany. Subsequently our client was represented before the Bundesgerichtshof, the German equivalent of the Supreme Court of Canada (File Number: IX ZR 150/05), which confirmed its recognition of the judgement and paved the way for its enforcement.

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