Effective Communication On Tax Law

Having a carefully detailed tax strategy in place can help the success of your business, whereas misinterpretation of tax laws can cause a great deal of risk.

This risk increases for German-speaking Canadians when you add language barriers and jurisdictional differences between Canada and Germanic nations. For example, if Canada's Federal laws contain a certain provision, that does not mean another country will have the same.

Polten & Associates, Lawyers and Notaries, can help you understand these complexities. Located in Toronto, Ontario, we provide legal services to German-speaking citizens throughout Canada and Europe.

Tax Strategies For All Canadians

We can provide you with exceptional legal advice on tax issues involving domestic and international affairs. We have comprehensive experience with tax law at all levels of government and in resolving disputes with Canada Revenue Agency.

We can help you develop legal strategies on:

We also translate and evaluate Canadian tax laws against those of Germany, Austria and Switzerland because we generally understand their applications. We pass the benefit of this knowledge on to you.

Continuity From Start-To-Finish

If your tax situation requires additional services or skills in Germanic nations, we have a substantial network of law firms and other professional institutions across Europe that can provide support.

When necessary, we can utilize this network to execute tasks that require a specific skill set internationally. However, your case will always be in our hands and we will keep you apprised of every action taken.

Our network helps us provide you with:

  • Identifying strategic options
  • Pursuing results in a timely manner
  • Making decisions that protect your interests

Ask Us Your Tax-Related Questions

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