Advice And Strategies On Tax Law Dispute Resolution

Tax disputes can exist in all areas of law, including family, real estate, business or estate matters. For example, disputes may arise over tax calculations after a divorce or the purchase of a home. Assessments and audits are not always accurate. If you notice any discrepancies, you may dispute the matter with Canada Revenue Agency (CRA).

At Polten & Associates, Lawyers and Notaries, we can help you resolve tax problems outside of a courtroom. We devise strategies to steer you away from expensive litigation costs and help you reach a negotiated settlement with CRA. Our firm has helped clients in Toronto, Ontario, and internationally in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Reaching A Negotiated Settlement

Should your case head to Tax Court of Canada or Federal Court of Appeal, these entities have wide-reaching authorities, such as the power to seize property or garnish incomes. These potentially severe judgments could hurt you or your business.

The alternative to litigation is tax law dispute resolution, which means reaching a negotiated settlement with CRA.

Using our firm's experience and knowledge of tax law, we can assist you in positioning your case effectively for a negotiated settlement. Through our efforts, we can help you and the CRA reach an agreement that satisfies all parties outside of the courts.

Germanic Tax Law

Tax issues are further complicated when you factor in the laws and overlapping legislation from other countries. Foreign tax legislation can affect you in such situations as:

  • Inheriting foreign property
  • Family support obligations between countries
  • Property ownership and residency
  • Business expansion across borders

We offer 25 years of experience advising and representing clients in tax cases between Canada and Germanic nations. We can identify situations where the Canada-German Tax Convention (or the one for Austria and Switzerland) applies. We can also resolve disputes over jurisdictional authority and the application of specific tax laws.

Resolve Your Tax Dispute

Polten & Associates knows how to properly assess your tax concerns and position your matter to protect your interests.

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