Clear, Detailed Legal Advice For Your Estate Needs

Organizing your estate can be both an emotional and cumbersome task. Making advance decisions on property, health, and possible incapacity each have their own unique factors and legal parameters that must be carefully considered.

Polten & Associates, Lawyers and Notaries, can help you navigate through these tricky considerations. In addition to estate planning, our firm provides assistance to executors in administering testamentary documents, and resolving or litigating any disputes that arise.

Located in Toronto, Ontario, our firm can also alleviate potential complications involving foreign jurisdictions and language barriers.

Legal Services For Your Estate

Whether it is understanding the difference between a power of attorney and trustee, or how to defend the terms of a will, we will provide you with your options on how to resolve your legal matter.

Our services include:

It's important to raise any questions on local and international laws regarding estates to lawyers experienced in domestic and cross-border laws. Polten & Associates also offers assistance with administering an estate between Canada and Germanic nations.

German-English Translation Services Available

Polten & Associates offer a range of services to both English- and German-speaking individuals regarding wills and estates.

With resources in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, we can help you draft, decipher and execute provisions surrounding:

  • Family in other countries
  • Bank accounts in foreign territories
  • Foreign property and real estate
  • Compliance with laws in other states

We also extend our litigation and dispute resolution experience to estate cases involving foreign legal systems. In matters where more in-depth expertise is required, our firm has connections to a wide network of legal professionals who can help us take care of your estate needs overseas.

We Can Help You Plan Your Estate

Polten & Associates, Lawyers and Notaries, can answer any questions you have about drafting or administering an estate. Call us at 647-724-4175 or toll-free at 866-322-6521. You can also set-up a consultation by contacting us through our online form.