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For a valid will to be created, the testator must be of sound mind. If a will has been created while the testator lacked the requisite mental capacity to create a valid will, that will may be subject to challenge. However, demonstrating retrospectively the testator's lack of testamentary capacity can be a legally complicated task. Conversely, demonstrating the testamentary capacity of the testator can entail comparable complexities.

At Polten & Associates in Toronto, will challenges encompassing issues of capacity have become an increasing part of our practice. With more than 20 years of experience in providing advice on out-of-court estate dispute resolution and, as required, in handling estate litigation (including cases in which capacity stood as a central issue), we have the knowledge and expertise necessary to provide personalized and painstaking, yet cost-effective, representation to clients embroiled in capacity disputes.

Whether engaged to challenge or to defend the capacity of a testator, we are unwavering in our dedication to the advancement of our clients' best interests.

Ontario Cross-Border Estate Litigation Lawyers for German-Speaking Clients

Polten & Associates has handled and continues to accept highly complex cross-border estate cases, including those involving challenges to a will on the basis of the testator's lack of capacity. To avoid unnecessary expense while ensuring that estate assets are distributed to properly designated beneficiaries or rightful heirs, cases within this complex area of law require careful investigation and analysis by an informed and experienced estate litigation lawyer.

A critically important benefit to clients who engage our firm for proceedings with cross-border, Canadian-German scope is our understanding of both legal systems in combination with our ability to operate at a professional level in both English and German. Our fluently bilingual lawyers possess a wealth of experience in conducting Ontario court actions on behalf of German clients, and in arranging the conduct of legal actions on behalf of Ontario residents against private individuals and other parties in German-speaking Europe, including in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

In dealing with such sensitive cross-jurisdictional legal issues, our firm augments its expertise, as befits specific cases, through our network of lawyers, law firms and legal practitioners across Canada and German-speaking Europe. Furthermore, our lawyer are supported by our native German-speaking legal and administrative assistants, who are graduates of German universities and possess substantial experience in working within the legal system in Germany.

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