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Ontario and Cross-Border Estate Administration Counsel

It is in the best interests of most people to make sure that in the event of incapacity or death, their assets are managed, invested and distributed in accordance with their wishes. To ensure that legal and financial matters are handled properly in such situations, it is critical to have an experienced law firm protecting one's best interests and those of loved ones.

Assurance that your personal affairs are handled properly can be achieved through a number of estate administration tools, such as powers of attorney for property and personal care, living wills, and wills and trusts. It is imperative that these be properly established and administered.

At Polten & Associates in Toronto, we have the expertise and wisdom acquired through decades of experience to ensure that your estate planning and administration needs are prudently addressed and handled in a legally sound, yet efficient and cost-effective manner. We represent clients from the Greater Toronto Area as well as clients from German-speaking areas of Europe, such as Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

We can help you design succession arrangements that safeguard the unique interests of your family or help you to properly administer an estate. Our lawyers are authorized to handle estate matters in Ontario and, as appropriate, other common law provinces of Canada. We can also attend to cross-border estate administration matters encompassing Canada and the German-speaking world. In attending to such matters, our lawyers are supported by our two native German-speaking legal and administrative assistants who bring to their complementary roles at our firm more than a decade of combined experience acquired while working within the legal system in Germany.

Make Your Wishes Known

To learn more about how we can help you create a succession arrangement or administer an estate according to your wishes or those of a loved one, contact us or speak to a lawyer in English or in German by calling from the Toronto area 647-724-4175 or from elsewhere toll free 1-866-322-6521.