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As the average life expectancy increases and life circumstances change, many persons alter, revoke or even destroy their wills over time. When those individuals pass away, the resulting confusion can lead to will challenges and other estate-related disputes.

Will Challenge or Will Defense

A will challenge can arise from a wide range of circumstances, including the following:

  • Failure to apply relevant estate laws in the drafting of the will or wills
  • Undue influence over the testator by a close relative, companion, or acquaintance
  • Issues related to the mental capacity of the testator during the creation of the will or wills
  • Conflicting wills in multiple jurisdictions
  • Improper amendments to the will or wills
  • Failure to properly revoke or destroy a previous will or wills
  • Inter-jurisdictional conflict of laws

At Polten & Associates in Toronto, our lawyers routinely handle cases in which the validity of a will is at issue. We have extensive experience in representing clients engaged in contesting a will. We have equally expansive experience in representing, on the other hand, clients endeavouring to demonstrate the validity of a will in the face of litigation. With more than 20 years of experience in handling estate administration and litigation matters, we are committed to providing our clients with the sound advice and sophisticated representation necessary to obtain robust, yet cost-effective, solutions to these complex legal issues.

Cross-Border Will Challenges

Our extensive experience in conducting Ontario court actions on behalf of German clients enables us to provide outstanding representation for clients in German-speaking countries who wish to challenge a will in Canada. Conversely, our expansive experience in arranging the conduct of legal actions on behalf of Ontario residents against private individuals and other parties in Germany also enables us to efficiently marshal the specialized expertise necessary to assist Canadian clients in challenging a will involving assets based entirely or partly in Germany, Austria or Switzerland.

Our specialized expertise in dealing with such cross-jurisdictional matters is augmented by our network of contacts with lawyers and legal practitioners across Canada and German-speaking Europe, including more than 200 notaries, lawyers and judges who occupy a range of responsible positions throughout Germany. Our lawyers, who are fluent at a professional level in German and English, are supported by our native German-speaking legal and administrative assistants, whose first language and language of university education is German, and who bring to their complementary roles within our firm more than 10 years of combined experience in working within the legal system in Germany.

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We welcome the opportunity to achieve solid solutions for you. To discuss in English or German either the defense or challenge of a will with an experienced lawyer at our firm, contact us by calling from the Toronto area 647-724-4175 or from elsewhere toll free 1-866-322-6521.