Interpreting Wills And Trusts

A well-drafted will is an essential precondition for trouble-free administration of an estate. A carefully drafted document can safeguard against potential delays, disputes and other contentious situations, some of which may lead to  estate litigation.

Unintended errors in or omissions from inadequately drafted or improperly witnessed documents, or a poorly conceived trust or estate plan, can prove very costly to executors and, ultimately, to all intended beneficiaries.

At Polten & Associates, we advise executors and heirs who seek clear and informed interpretation, along with guidance for the eventual implementation, of the terms of wills and trusts that are in contention. Our decades of experience in negotiating resolutions to a wide range of wills and trusts matters, including many involving unusually complicated fact situations, enable us to provide clear and efficient guidance on complex issues pertaining to wills and trusts interpretation.

Our Breadth Of Experience Is Valuable To Clients

We can also handle cross-border wills and trusts interpretation matters, including those with factual and/or legal connection to Germany.

Our depth and breadth of experience is particularly valuable to our clients when we are engaged to deal with matters for which fluency at a professional level in English and German, in combination with an understanding of both legal systems, is an advantage.

Our lawyers are fluent at a professional level in both English and German. They are supported by our firm's native German-speaking legal and administrative assistants, who are graduates of German universities and bring to their complementary roles within our firm the benefit of more than a decade of combined experience in working within the legal system in Germany.

Contact Our Ontario Lawyers

To arrange for a thorough and informed review in English or in German of a will or other testamentary document, contact us by calling from the Toronto area 647-724-4175 or from elsewhere toll free 1-866-322-6521.