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Polten & Associates - Experienced German-English Litigation Services

In a world increasingly swept up in globalization, it is more crucial than ever to have a law firm you can rely on to represent your interests in legal matters that span borders.

At Polten & Associates in Toronto, we have extensive experience in handling a wide variety of contested legal matters. We offer skilled representation to our clients from Canada as well as German-speaking Europe.

Cross-Border Litigation Services

Our firm has a twenty-year history as a gateway linking the legal worlds of Germany and Canada within the evolving global economy. Our lawyers, Eric P. Polten and Daniel Walker, are all fluent in English and German, and have specialized expertise in conducting Ontario court actions on behalf of German clients and in arranging the conduct of legal actions on behalf of Ontario residents against persons or corporate entities in Germany. Our native German-speaking legal and administrative assistant, Torsten Pyttlik is  graduate of German universities and have substantial experience in working within the legal system in Germany

Our firm's background of experience is especially beneficial to our clients when we handle matters for which fluency at a professional level in English and German, in combination with an understanding of both legal systems, is a distinct asset.

Command of both languages at a professional level of proficiency eliminates the expense and delay of employing outside translation services, the personnel of which are often untrained in technical legal vocabulary and the complexity of meaning deriving from its specific context. Not only can serious miscommunications result from such situations, but also the practical legal outcome of the proceeding at issue can depend upon meanings being accurately conveyed.

Our specialist expertise in dealing with such cross-jurisdictional legal issues is augmented by our network of contacts with law firms and legal practitioners across Canada and German-speaking Europe - including Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Our Toronto lawyers and network of legal practitioners in Europe cooperate in marshalling the specialized expertise, experience and resources necessary to handle a broad range of cross-border litigation matters involving:

In addition to our resources in Canada and German-speaking Europe, our firm possesses the cumulative wisdom that can only be acquired through many years of experience in these complex legal areas. We temper our wisdom with pragmatism in carefully crafting legal strategies that address the unique needs of our clients.


At the Toronto law firm of Polten & Associates, we have extensive experience and expertise in enforcing judgments from the German-speaking areas of Europe in Ontario courts. We also have significant experience with issues of jurisdiction, choice of law, conflicts of law and forum conveniens.

Typically, the cases on which our firm acts involve legal judgments handed down by courts in German-speaking Europe. We also play a role in ensuring that Canadian judgments can be enforced in Germany. Our capacity to handle such cases is enhanced by our legal and administrative assistants' superior German language skills along with their combined experience of more than a decade of working within the legal system in Germany.

Click here to read an article entitled "Reciprocal Enforcement of Judgments between Germany and Ontario: Analysis and Authorities (With Application to Other Canadian Common-Law Provinces and Territories)," the writing of which was supervised by Eric P. Polten.

Our ability to deal with these cross-jurisdictional legal issues is augmented by our network of contacts with law firms and legal practitioners across Canada and the German-speaking countries of Europe. Key members of our Europe-based network include over 200 notaries, lawyers and judges, who participated in our popular mentoring program during the past two decades and who now occupy a broad range of responsible positions throughout the legal system in Germany.

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To contact us and speak to a lawyer in English or German regarding your need for effective enforcement of a foreign judgment in Ontario courts, call from the Toronto area 647-724-4175 or from elsewhere toll free 1-866-322-6521.